Rancho Santa Ana Now Carries Baja Artisan’s Work

November 29, 2010

One of our favorite places here in southern California is Rancho Santa Ana Botanical Gardens. They have acres of native plant communities, from desert to riparian. You can see what types of environments we have in California and the beauty in each. The now have a native plant nursery and their entrance. The gift shop is always a must visit whey you are there as they carry many books on plant, bird, animal, insects and people of California as well as beautiful gifts and many items for children.

Please help support us by visiting the gift shop and buying the beautiful art of Baja California Native peoples.


President of Mexico gives Baja Artisans Award

November 29, 2010

On a recent visit with Teresa Castro, she was very excited to tell us that she had just met with the president of Mexico, Felipe Calderon. She and other representatives of the Native communities of Baja California were invited to receive awards for their communities. They were awarded for their continued work preserving their traditional arts and supporting their own economy. At Get Native Arts we feel that we also have helped these communities work toward their goals of making a living through their arts and crafts.


Holiday Shopping and Where Can You Find US?

September 15, 2010

The Pechanga Gas Station on Pechanga Parkway in Temecula, California is now carrying Get Native Art products including: pottery, baskets, basket earrings, Robert Freeman jokes books, and posters and notecards of the California Indian Seal.

We also have items in the Museum of Man gift shop located in Balboa Park, San Diego, California. They also buy directly from some of the artisans when possible, so check them out.

I will post new locations as they pop up. And don’t forget to can always contact us regarding sales too, we hope to have a website soon.

We will be at the Pechanga Pow wow

June 27, 2010

Get Native Art works very closely with American Indian Channel who will be selling baskets, pottery, books and items with the California Indian Seal at this year’s Pechanga Pow Wow on the July 4th weekend in Temecula.

Get Native Art will be at the Pechanga PowWow

June 12, 2010

Get Native Art works very closely with American Indian Channel. So, at this year’s AIC table at the Pechanga PowWow, Get Native Art will be selling baskets and pottery and other items. So please support GNA and AIC at the powwow on July 2, 3, and 4 at Pechanga Indian Reservation. The AIC table has basket demonstrations, native plant info, videos and much more. Hope to see you there.

Buy Native Art

November 4, 2009

Most of the Native arts that are found in stores today are by Native people that really need the money. For example, I work with the Native communities in California and Northern Baja California. A few stores do carry this type of art. One of the few online is get native art. I hope there will be more. Many of the Native communities are seriously hurting for an income. I will add photos of the various arts that are out there and can be bought from get native art and other sellers and even when they are directly sold by the artists themselves.


Tirsa Flores

Tirsa Flores, Santa Catarina, Baja, CA


basket with spiral design

Mission Style basket, kumiai, San Jose de la Zorra, Baja, CA



Traditional Southern California/Northern Baja California Pottery


Basket work

Baskets and Basket Work, San Jose de la Zorra, Baja, California

Just some examples.





Hello from get native art

August 25, 2009

Get Native Art is a small business that buys and sells art from Native people. Although not officially a fair trade business, that is what we are trying to do. We buy art from artists to help them economically and also for artisans in remote areas we try to help them disburse their products.

We also sell other items such as note cards, calendars, posters and photographs. These items either support non profits or are used to help raise funds to make Get Native Art a viable business.

Some of our current products are the note cards and posters of the California Indian seal. In 2002 the 6 foot bronze seal was installed on the steps of the California state capitol building. It represents past and continuing governments of the many sovereign tribes in California.

We sell photographs, including native plant images.

We sell the just released 2010 Ethnobotany of California Indians calendar.

We sell baskets from the Kumiai and Paipai communities as well as pottery, necklaces.

getnativeart@yahoo.com for information, a website is in the works…